Tree Camping in Bavaria

Tree Camping


Waldseilgarten in offers a fun experience for the adventurous type. There are three different options for camping here: 1) Sleeping in one of their tree forts  for 125.00 Euro per person,  2) sleeping in a tree tent, like pictured above, for 250.00 Euro per person, or camping 1000 – 2000 meters up on a rock face for 890.00 Euro per person.

Granted it’s a bit expensive, but since you may be spending the money on a hotel anyway, you may just want to go for something unforgettable.


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Oregon Coast’s Best Views

Hike a short trail past Dead Man’s Cove to the black-and-white striped lighthouse in Washington’s Cape Disappointment State Park near Ilwaco and let yourself be mesmerized by the sight of the Columbia River meeting the Pacific Ocean.

The amazing view from the steep trail to the top of Neahkahnie Mountain offers a view of the Nahalem River estuary and Manzanita. On a side note, Highway 101 generally offers numerous outstanding views of the coast ans it passes through the coastal range and over the shoulders of coastal terrain. You may have to park the car every now and then and walk a few steps out over to the rock retaining wall, but it is usually worth it.

Cascade Head (between Tillamook and Lincoln City) doesn’t offer a drive-up-to-the-top option, but it’s still a great view if you’re up for a hike. The lower Nature Conservancy Trail is a moderate 4.2-mile hike, gaining 1200 feet of elevation. The upper trail to Cascade Head is an easy 1-mile hike that gains 160 feet, and the trip to Harts Cove is a moderate 5.4-mile hike that loses 900 feet of elevation. If you’re taking the Nature Conservancy Trail to the headland meadows from the lower trailhead, drive Highway 101 north 1 mile from the interchange where highways 101 and 18 join (just north of Lincoln City). Then turn left on Three Rocks Road for 2.2 miles and turn left to the parking lot of the Savage Park boat ramp.


Cape Perpetua(four miles south of Yachats) is another place where you can hike or drive to the best view, which sits atop the cape. In this case it is from the old Civilian Conservation Corps shelter. The Suislaw National Forest scenic area around the cape has several tide pools, spouting horns and ginormous trees.

Source: Oregonian 07/06/12, pg.19

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Oregon Coast Breafast & Lunch

There are a couple of place’s off the top of my head that I’d recommend for breakfast and a cup of coffee.  If you’re up in Astoria head over to Blue Scorcher Bakery Café (1493 Duane St.). They have wonderful brews from Astoria Coffee Roasters  and delicious pastries that fill the place with an incredible breakfast aroma. They also have a deli that serves upi good food throughout the day.

Farther south in Gearhart (near really close to Seaside). There you can find the Pacific Way Café (601 Pacific Way). This place is dynamite any time of the day really. In the morning go over to their bakery, but seriously don’t wait too long because their bread and pastries go fast–well known to locals and a few tourists alike. Otherwise go on over to the restaurant which still does the famous American chef and food critic James Beard justice. When you’re done with lunch/dinner, head over across the street for some hand-churned ice cream and savory salt water taffy.

Finally, at this time, all I have to add is Panini Bakery (232 NW Coast St.) in Newport. This place is excellent on rainy days (which there are in abundance at on the coast) with their hot sticky buns and specialty mochas. They also have an exquisite deli that serves up a variety of sandwiches.

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Weinbau Zawodsky

Vienna offers so many cultural events, museums, architectural highlights, and jugendstil cafés that I don’t know where to begin. Well, I’ll start with something a bit less prominent than say the Imperial Palace, the Ringstraße, or even the MuseumsQuartier. The Zawodsky winery is an excellent supplement to a standard  sightseeing tour. Kick back, relax, and enjoy great, gourmet gastronomy, delicious, smooth, complex wines and beautiful views. The winery is within walking distance from the a city bus stop if you don’t have a car or a designated driver – close to the city, yet still the country air.

Reinischgasse 3, 1190 Vienna

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Ferry On, Berlin

While riding around Berlin on your City-Ticket or ABC-Zone ticket you might not be aware of the full extent of the Berlin Transit network. If you have a ticket and are looking for something to do, check out some of the sights outside of Berlin that Berliners like to enjoy on their free time. One such overlooked aspect of the Berlin Transit System (BVG) is the access to the ferry. Here are a few trips you can take on your standard full-zoned ticket:


1.) The Classic: S Wannsee – Alt-Kladow

The F-10 ferry runs about once an hour and is one of the highlights of the BVG. Approx. 150,000 guests annually enjoy the 20 minute ride from the S-Bahn station “Wannsee” to Alt-Kladow. Once you get to Alt-Kladow there are biergartens, restaurants, and cafés waiting for you.

2.) The Green Thumb: Oberschöneweide, Wilhelmsstrand – Baumschulenstraße

The 2 minutes ride from the south end of the beloved Plänterwald park to the small garden colonies of Oberschöneweide departs 6 times every hour. This trip in the F-11 can be really idyllic when the weather cooperates.

3.)  Another Classic: Rahnsdorf, Müggelwerderweg – Kruggasse

This is one of the most scenic ways to enjoy the lake “Großer Müggelsee”. In 25 minutes the F-23 makes 4 stops around the lake.  Starting at Müggelhort there are three worth-while stops en route. In the Waldrestaurant you’ll find traditional German cuisine and some fun bowling lanes available. The next stop is Neu-Helgoland, where you’ll find some festivities: Tanztee, jazz brunch, and other parties. Whatever floats your boat. In the Kruggasse there is a Biergarten waiting for you.

4.) A Ferry for Campers: Krampenburg – Schmöckwitz

There are a few camp sites out here on the peninsula at Große Krampe and the only way out there is the F-21.

Well, thats all I got. Enjoy the good weather while it lasts; it is Germany.


*Route suggestions derived originally from BVG magazine “plus_05” May 2011 issue.


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Discovering Neukölln

Yes, yes. Neukölln is is traditionally the worst part of Berlin – run down and full of foreigners. However, in the past few years it’s been growing and becoming more attractive to Berliners. Here are a few of the places I’ve come to love in my time living here.

Balli Döner -Sonnenallee 132, 12059 Berlin AND also at Tempelhofer Damm 146, 12099 Berlin

This fine döner shop costs a bit more than other döner places (Falafel 2.20€, Döner im Brot, 3.00€, Döner Dürüm 3.50€). However, notworthy is that it’s a real turkish restaurant with a wood grill and many delicious entrees. They have various spices, sauces and minced garlic in olive oil on all the tables for you to season your cheap, delicious goodness as you desire. As of yet, its my favorite Berlin döner.


Mae Charoen Thai-Imbiss – Sonnenallee 134, 12059 Berlin

Don’t be put off by its shabby facade and small interior, this place is one of the best places you can go for thai food in Berlin without spending exuberant amounts of money.  Dishes run from about 3-7 Euro and are very delicious. I can recommend any thing with green curry sauce and the definately the Pad-thai. If you have a larger group or are just looking for a classier place a can recomend “Phuket” over in Kreuzberg (Mehringdamm 67). Mae Charoen is right next to decent gelato shop if you need to cool down those taste-buds.


City ChickenSonnenallee 59, 12045 Berlin

This place is fast food in its empitomy, however still worth a stop. You can eat huge portions for super cheap. 4 Euro gets you chicken nuggets, salad, fries, hummus and horseradish and and extra 50 cents gets you half-a-#*$%&§#-roasted-chicken instead of the nuggets. The name of the restaurant alone warants a visit.


Das Ä – Weserstraße 40, 12045 Berlin

Nice little bar for relaxing and enjoying the various evening programs – sometimes puppet shows! Their specialty beer is a Munich/Bavarian beer: Tegernseer – 2.50€ for 0,5 L.

Mama’sHobrechtstr. 61, 12047 Berlin

This pub is also a bit small, but very cozy. It’s a bit like being a pre-WWII living room that hasn’t been renovated, but still comfortable. My favorite point of interest is the czech beer: SVIJANY. Soooo good. I, personally, prefer their Naturtrüb-style, which is 6%. Their wine and booze selection is also quirky and delicious. This place is a good starting place or finishing bar for a pub crawl through Kreuzberg and Freidrichshain.


Cafe Dritter Raum – Herzbergstr. 14, 12055 Berlin

Well, finding a decent cafe in Neukölln in the past few years might have been impossible. However, a few are starting to sprout around the area to my pleasant surprise – I no longer have to take a train to enjoy a nice coffee shop. Dritter Raum is small, but cozy and affordable. If you’re willing to take a 10-15 min. bus or train ride you can also find numerous awesome and delicious cafes in Kreuzberg.

LouisRichardplatz 5, 12055 Berlin

this place offers Austrian cuisine and has some of the best and LARGEST (weighing in at about 1.2 kilo) schnitzel in town. I can’t count how many recommendations I have had from Berliner regarding the schnitzel here. There rest of the food is supposed to be just ok, but apparently one comes here for the schnitzel.


Ed & Fred Nut Depot – Sonnenallee 73, 12045

This place is one of the finest establishments that I have found in Berlin. They have roasted nuts, seeds, beans, etc. GALOR. Fresh-roasted coffee? Yes. Wasabi peas? Yes. Cornnuts? Yes. Any other questions? No. Get your sweet untoasted buns over there. May not be much for tourists, but for living in Berlin, it’s a gift from God.


Well, that’s about all for now. To be continued…

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Crocodilian: Rooms in Berlin = Bad Choice

Moving to a foreign city for a job, vacation, etc., albeit temporary, can be a bit stressful, trying to find accommodation for a month or 12 and don’t want to stay in a hotel the entire time. Berlin offers many solutions in this regard, be you professor, movie director, or even vagabond.

Let me start by telling you where NOT to look. I had an incredibly bad experience with the company “Crocodilian”. Though I haven’t rented through the agency, I have worked there and unless you enjoy throwing away your money to swindlers, I would avoid the agency at all costs. After I left the agency then manager told me I’d be lucky to get remuneration for all the hours I had spent in their crummy office with an ever-present, annoying,  yapping dog. In the end, I only received half of my due pay, taking advantage of this poor foreign worker. Thus, I would strongly caution others from placing their trust in them, especially in matters of finance.

So, what I can recommend are a number of other free or low-cost, reliable alternatives! If you can speak a bit of German then I would recommend the following websites:,wg.html

Here you can cut the middle man and get in touch with the landlord or future roommates directly. They can help you find a place in just about any German city, not just Berlin, and has incredible search parameters. Need your own flat? Want to cut on costs and find a spare room? No problem. Search according to you price range, desired floor space and more.

Now if you’re looking for something a bit easier and completely in English, I can always recommend “Exberliner Flat Rentals“. The agency is reliable, easy to use, and comparatively cheap. Well, that’s my two cents in brief. If you’ve got further questions go a head and get a hold of me.

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