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High Class Currywurst or Lowbrow Champagne?

In either case, it’s an expereince. The bar ChampCurr at Viktualienmarkt in Munich offers a wide variety of Champagne and some high-class currywurst. If you’re ever looking for a place to take a date, this place is probably good second date material. I mean that, well, if a girl ever took ME here, I’d be impressed.



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Glühwein and Grog

We were walking through the English Gardens yesterday and thought to ourselves we could use something to drink and warm up a little bit. Suddenly, we came upon this stand selling us just what we needed. There on the menu stood Glühwein, and not only Glühwein, but Glühwein mit Schuss (mulled wine with a shot of liquor in it). After sitting down and drinking our hot mugs of awesomeness we noticed one more thing on the menu: Grog. Personally, I’ve never seen such a thing at any American establishment. So naturally we had to indulge ourselves in some hot Grog. However, the proprietor of this particular stand refused to serve us Grog mit Schuss. Sigh. Nonetheless, enjoying my first Glühwein of the season and first Grog ever was a pleasant expereince. I can only imagine how much more awesome the English Gardens will be later in winter with snow.


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