Oregon Coast Breafast & Lunch

There are a couple of place’s off the top of my head that I’d recommend for breakfast and a cup of coffee.  If you’re up in Astoria head over to Blue Scorcher Bakery Café (1493 Duane St.). They have wonderful brews from Astoria Coffee Roasters  and delicious pastries that fill the place with an incredible breakfast aroma. They also have a deli that serves upi good food throughout the day.

Farther south in Gearhart (near really close to Seaside). There you can find the Pacific Way Café (601 Pacific Way). This place is dynamite any time of the day really. In the morning go over to their bakery, but seriously don’t wait too long because their bread and pastries go fast–well known to locals and a few tourists alike. Otherwise go on over to the restaurant which still does the famous American chef and food critic James Beard justice. When you’re done with lunch/dinner, head over across the street for some hand-churned ice cream and savory salt water taffy.

Finally, at this time, all I have to add is Panini Bakery (232 NW Coast St.) in Newport. This place is excellent on rainy days (which there are in abundance at on the coast) with their hot sticky buns and specialty mochas. They also have an exquisite deli that serves up a variety of sandwiches.


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