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Oregon Coast’s Best Views

Hike a short trail past Dead Man’s Cove to the black-and-white striped lighthouse in Washington’s Cape Disappointment State Park near Ilwaco and let yourself be mesmerized by the sight of the Columbia River meeting the Pacific Ocean.

The amazing view from the steep trail to the top of Neahkahnie Mountain offers a view of the Nahalem River estuary and Manzanita. On a side note, Highway 101 generally offers numerous outstanding views of the coast ans it passes through the coastal range and over the shoulders of coastal terrain. You may have to park the car every now and then and walk a few steps out over to the rock retaining wall, but it is usually worth it.

Cascade Head (between Tillamook and Lincoln City) doesn’t offer a drive-up-to-the-top option, but it’s still a great view if you’re up for a hike. The lower Nature Conservancy Trail is a moderate 4.2-mile hike, gaining 1200 feet of elevation. The upper trail to Cascade Head is an easy 1-mile hike that gains 160 feet, and the trip to Harts Cove is a moderate 5.4-mile hike that loses 900 feet of elevation. If you’re taking the Nature Conservancy Trail to the headland meadows from the lower trailhead, drive Highway 101 north 1 mile from the interchange where highways 101 and 18 join (just north of Lincoln City). Then turn left on Three Rocks Road for 2.2 miles and turn left to the parking lot of the Savage Park boat ramp.


Cape Perpetua(four miles south of Yachats) is another place where you can hike or drive to the best view, which sits atop the cape. In this case it is from the old Civilian Conservation Corps shelter. The Suislaw National Forest scenic area around the cape has several tide pools, spouting horns and ginormous trees.

Source: Oregonian 07/06/12, pg.19


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Oregon Coast Breafast & Lunch

There are a couple of place’s off the top of my head that I’d recommend for breakfast and a cup of coffee.  If you’re up in Astoria head over to Blue Scorcher Bakery Café (1493 Duane St.). They have wonderful brews from Astoria Coffee Roasters  and delicious pastries that fill the place with an incredible breakfast aroma. They also have a deli that serves upi good food throughout the day.

Farther south in Gearhart (near really close to Seaside). There you can find the Pacific Way Café (601 Pacific Way). This place is dynamite any time of the day really. In the morning go over to their bakery, but seriously don’t wait too long because their bread and pastries go fast–well known to locals and a few tourists alike. Otherwise go on over to the restaurant which still does the famous American chef and food critic James Beard justice. When you’re done with lunch/dinner, head over across the street for some hand-churned ice cream and savory salt water taffy.

Finally, at this time, all I have to add is Panini Bakery (232 NW Coast St.) in Newport. This place is excellent on rainy days (which there are in abundance at on the coast) with their hot sticky buns and specialty mochas. They also have an exquisite deli that serves up a variety of sandwiches.

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Best damn Sushi…


One of my favorite meals has got to be sushi. Being here in Germany has definitely afforded me the opportunity to indulge in many delicious specialties, however lately I have been feeling the sushi-itch as a pregnant woman might fiend. Dank sushi is rare find in a mostly landlocked country like Germany and if found is notably expensive. Thus, as of late, I’ve been missing the unbelievably delicious hole-in-the-wall restaurant scene of Portland, Oregon. This post is a dedication to my well-missed sushi restaurant Saburo’s.
For the sheer quantity, quality, and good prices I have yet to find an equal. There is most always a wait, but is definitely worth it. Just go grab a coffee or a beer should you get a case of wanderlust; there is a lot in the area.

For me the Maguro is a must, but most things you will find here will rock your proverbial socks off. Also don’t forget to finish off with some green tea ice cream and maybe a bottle of Saki.  Here are a couple helpful phrases to help you blend in with the Japanese folk there-

natach-tachi-wa  ni-hon-jin   =   we are japanese

sushi tabi-tie  =   I want to eat sushi

moto tabi-tie  =   I want to eat more

saki nomai-tie   =   I want to drink saki

moto nomi-tie  =   I want to drink more

You’ll impress your friends\or date. At least until the waiter laughs in your face and spits in your food.

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Welcome To America, Baby!

For many, the culture shock of traveling overseas can be overwhelming. Those who venture into European countries often receive a culture shock, encountering a society built around values different from our own. Not to worry! Thanks to neocolonialism and media influence, the acculturation of American values and political methodology is sweeping the globe. No, I’m not talking about a new Bryan Adams Tour or even ethnic cleansing. Let’s just take a peek at how Americanization has affected its adopted sibling to the West: Germany.

Recent social and political movements have pushed to allow certain exceptions to existing law and in other instances the implementation of new ordinances, whose constitutionality is questionable. But who cares about that? I used to be slightly annoyed by people smoking in bars, clubs, and restaurants while in Germany. Ha! Not anymore! Starting January 2008, Bavaria will be the last of the German states to adopt a Rauchverbot after Italy’s push in October of 2005. This new ordinance sets out guidelines for smoking in public transportation, work places, schools, public places, advertising and regulations for who can smoke. Now to buy cigarettes from a machine one has to insert an ATM card to prove their age. This is a stark contrast to Germany’s earlier policy of ” You’re old enough to reach the cigarette vending machine? You’re old enough to smoke.”

I’m so tired of people bothering me with their habits and causing a scene in public. After they eventually ban smoking outside, I hope they’ll start to ban drinking in public plac- what? Oh they’re already starting to take care of that. Great. Freiburg is one of many cities around Germany, trying out a new Alkoholverbot, ban of alcohol in public, in an effort to combat drunken debauchery after continuing alcohol-related incidents. Thank God. Why should people be free to carry a beer around publicly? In the States public consumption of alcohol has been long forbidden and ever since public violence, vandalism, and civil disturbances have been kept to a minimum with little cost of law enforcement. This is a “right” people can do without.

One will also notice that many of the popular drinks found in bars and clubs are no longer boring microbrews centuries old, but new beer beverages from distributors like Bacardi and Becks with flavorings like Extreme Orange and Green Lemon! Wow, talk about a societal change for the better. Its time to be “hip” Germany, join America in the 21st century.


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