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Spare Ribs and Steak at the Rusticana

I was really blown away by my experience at the Rusticana. Here in the middle of Europe, thousands of miles from Texas, I had the best spare ribs I’ve ever had, done truly in a Texas style, delicious BBQ sauce, crisp salad, baked potato, and world-class beer.  Rusticana has a great cozy atmosphere, though at a price. Just so you know it’ll cost you around 25 Euro\person. Though the price may be a bit steep for someone like me, its definitely worth it, especially if you want to do things right.


The food at Rusticana wasn’t made by these folks, but it sure tastes like it.


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Best damn Sushi…


One of my favorite meals has got to be sushi. Being here in Germany has definitely afforded me the opportunity to indulge in many delicious specialties, however lately I have been feeling the sushi-itch as a pregnant woman might fiend. Dank sushi is rare find in a mostly landlocked country like Germany and if found is notably expensive. Thus, as of late, I’ve been missing the unbelievably delicious hole-in-the-wall restaurant scene of Portland, Oregon. This post is a dedication to my well-missed sushi restaurant Saburo’s.
For the sheer quantity, quality, and good prices I have yet to find an equal. There is most always a wait, but is definitely worth it. Just go grab a coffee or a beer should you get a case of wanderlust; there is a lot in the area.

For me the Maguro is a must, but most things you will find here will rock your proverbial socks off. Also don’t forget to finish off with some green tea ice cream and maybe a bottle of Saki.  Here are a couple helpful phrases to help you blend in with the Japanese folk there-

natach-tachi-wa  ni-hon-jin   =   we are japanese

sushi tabi-tie  =   I want to eat sushi

moto tabi-tie  =   I want to eat more

saki nomai-tie   =   I want to drink saki

moto nomi-tie  =   I want to drink more

You’ll impress your friends\or date. At least until the waiter laughs in your face and spits in your food.

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