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Connoisseur of Schnitzel?

I don’t know many places like this, but damn… what a business. Tacheles is an underground restaurant and bar specializing in schnitzel, schnitzel and schnitzel. I’m sure its economical for Tacheles to only invest in schnitzel, salad and fries instead of the ingredients for 30 different entrées. It’s definitely a fun place to go, although Roman claims that the restaurant Cheers has better schnitzel. If you’re ever looking for a tasty, affordable meal in Freiburg, stop on in.



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American Sandwich

In transit, the hungry traveler in Germany will often have to grab a bite to eat on the run while at the train station. While walking by a string of sketchy food stands I noticed one stand advertising an “American Sandwich,” and as an American my curiosity was naturally sparked to see what the German take on an American sandwich might be.

American Sandwhich

Although I haven’t tried it, it appears as though it is a baked potato with sliced up hot-dogs, tuna fish, canned corn, peas, and carrots, melted cheese, mayo and ketchup. I honestly do not know what to say, but if anyone is up to the challenge… please… let me know.

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Phallic Fountain

I’ve been wanting to blog this for a while. A couple years ago, I lived across from this thing and was the only one to crack a smile and occasionally giggle like a 5-year-old on a daily basis. I truly applaud the artist who snuck the plans for this penis fountain by the city council. If you don’t notice the repetition of phallus in this thing you’ve either blind, too sheltered, or older than 50.


For those of you who are mathematically proficient, does the image below contain more triangles than the above-featured fountain phallic images?


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Bockbieranstich im Hausbrauerei Feierling

It’s that time of the year as winter really begins to set in that you want to reach for a nice smooth dark beer. However, if you’re not in Home Sweet Oregon and can’t have a nice Black Butte Porter and Oatmeal Stout and in Germany you may just have to settle for some Bockbier.

I happened to be in Freiburg for the annual tapping of Feierling’s Microbrewery first Bockbier. It’s not the same as the Oktoberfest tapping, but still a damn good time. The atmosphere was charged with drunken German awesomeness, thanks mostly to the band “Wisser Bube” straight out of the Schwarzwald. I would have a picture of the band here, but Roman is being a bit of a douche and STILL hasn’t sent me a picture of the band or a copy of the bad ass poster that the band had.

In case you’re wondering who Roman is, he runs the taps at the brewery, ensuring that we all have delicious beer in our glasses.


Feierling is a nice little brewery in Freiburg with pretty acceptable beer – a bit sweet, but goes down like, well, you know. If you’ve ever seen the little Feierling caricature you’ll notice that he could very well be the boyfriend of Ms. Rothaus another delicious Baden-Württemburg beer. A relationship based solely on beer can’t be all that bad can it?


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Welcome To America, Baby!

For many, the culture shock of traveling overseas can be overwhelming. Those who venture into European countries often receive a culture shock, encountering a society built around values different from our own. Not to worry! Thanks to neocolonialism and media influence, the acculturation of American values and political methodology is sweeping the globe. No, I’m not talking about a new Bryan Adams Tour or even ethnic cleansing. Let’s just take a peek at how Americanization has affected its adopted sibling to the West: Germany.

Recent social and political movements have pushed to allow certain exceptions to existing law and in other instances the implementation of new ordinances, whose constitutionality is questionable. But who cares about that? I used to be slightly annoyed by people smoking in bars, clubs, and restaurants while in Germany. Ha! Not anymore! Starting January 2008, Bavaria will be the last of the German states to adopt a Rauchverbot after Italy’s push in October of 2005. This new ordinance sets out guidelines for smoking in public transportation, work places, schools, public places, advertising and regulations for who can smoke. Now to buy cigarettes from a machine one has to insert an ATM card to prove their age. This is a stark contrast to Germany’s earlier policy of ” You’re old enough to reach the cigarette vending machine? You’re old enough to smoke.”

I’m so tired of people bothering me with their habits and causing a scene in public. After they eventually ban smoking outside, I hope they’ll start to ban drinking in public plac- what? Oh they’re already starting to take care of that. Great. Freiburg is one of many cities around Germany, trying out a new Alkoholverbot, ban of alcohol in public, in an effort to combat drunken debauchery after continuing alcohol-related incidents. Thank God. Why should people be free to carry a beer around publicly? In the States public consumption of alcohol has been long forbidden and ever since public violence, vandalism, and civil disturbances have been kept to a minimum with little cost of law enforcement. This is a “right” people can do without.

One will also notice that many of the popular drinks found in bars and clubs are no longer boring microbrews centuries old, but new beer beverages from distributors like Bacardi and Becks with flavorings like Extreme Orange and Green Lemon! Wow, talk about a societal change for the better. Its time to be “hip” Germany, join America in the 21st century.


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