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Um Ulm Herum

Here is another “catch-up” post.  Last summer I spent a bit of time in Ulm, Germany and decided I could offer a few tips to anyone who has a few hours or days to burn there. There are a couple places I have grown quite fond of.

There’s the Barfüßer is mirco-brewery and restaurant where one can enjoy eats from a traditional German kitchen and some tasty beer.  It can be found pretty much straight across from the Ulmer Munster, which is (or was at one time)  the highest church tower in the world.  If you’re feeling up to it, one can also walk up the tower stairs to the top. Around another corner one can find the Brotkultur (Bread Culture) Museum and thought I haven’t been in there yet (waiting for an adventurous friend to accompany me), I am sure it would exceed any tourists wildest expectations. Perhaps a “I survived…” T-shirt or a over-sized novelty bread hat can be found in the gift shop.

In the evening, I would suggest Hemperium where theres hemp-burgers and other good grub to be had (and surprise good hemp beer). There are multiple stories to this place and there is even a roof terrace to enjoy when the weather is nice. Its a reggae club/restaurant thats a couple minute walk away from the main trainstation (in case you just have an hour to kill in lay over). During the day if you walk a bit farther you will come to a park (near the Ehinger Gate by the Bismarkring and Furttenbachstraße) where there’s a big ol’ chess board and big ol’ pieces, to play your friend or stranger in a giant game of chess.

Ulm also has a great location if you want to do some bike riding out into the country or other cool little towns out around the region. One of my favorite rides is out to Blaubeuren (its only about 20 km). It is incredibly scenic and the the town is very picturesque. While there, you cannot miss the Blautopf.  If you want to get out, but not take on such a trip, you can take the Tram number 1 out to Söflingen where you can take scenic walk along the Blaue river out of town and back and then just take the tram back into town (or walk; its not that far.)

That is all I have on Ulm at the moment. I’ll try and update the post, once I think of more activities.


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Day at the Beach

Warm sun, comfortable lawn chair, cold beer, chill tunes, sand between your toes… believe it or not you can find this in Munich in the summer.

I was recently out and about and came across a cool beach bar out on the Isar river. Down on the south end of Museuminsel on the Corneliusbrücke (Cornelius bridge) the urbannauts project erect a beach bar on the bridge every summer, over-looking the river and the Maximilian church. There are no surfers, like in the English Gardens, but it is a nice escape – day or night.


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